Holiday Travel Food Hacks

The idea of a holiday party potluck probably sounded amazing when you first heard it, and you had a great time planning your contribution, finding the exact ingredients, and spending an afternoon chopping, kneading and sweating over a perfectly crafted culinary creation. It wasn’

Stop Wasting Thyme! Tips for No-Waste Cooking

In America, 40% of food is wasted. This waste isn’t the fault of only restaurants and grocery stores; much of this waste is created by people in their own kitchens. This leads to more trash in landfills and less money in your pocket. This is where no-waste cooking comes in. The curren

Snuffing out the Sniffles: Four Foods to Fight Colds

It all starts with a sniff, a cough or a sneeze. You spend two days in denial as your sinuses swell and body aches. It’s time to face the facts; you’re sick. As we head into November, this scenario will become all too familiar to most everyone. To avoid a trip to the docto

Fill this Empty “Whole” in your Diet!

Drop that white bread! Grains are an essential part of your diet, but eating white bread and other grain food products that are made with enriched flour offer little nutrients to sustain you through the day.  The key to getting the most out of your grains is to seek out whole wheat or

Do You Know Your Doughnuts?

Ah, Doughnuts. A dessert that masquerades as a breakfast food, dipped into coffee or enjoyed with a side of milk. Anyway you slice it, it’s hard to find anyone that isn’t on board with fried dough. The doughnut that you picture in your mind is most likely the classic glaze

Bring your salad back to life with these smart pairings!

Having a salad for lunch can go one of two ways- you either enjoy a deliciously crafted salad masterpiece or you choke down half soggy lettuce that had been drowned in whatever dressing was in the communal office fridge. Don’t let salads, one of the most versatile and exciting d

6 Foods to Fight Stress

You would be hard-pressed to find an adult today that isn’t under some level of stress, whether it be from work, parenting, or other daily pressures. Most people find stress release through exercise or zoning out in front of the television, but what if you could lower your stres