Contract Food Service Management for Senior Living Communities, Hospitals, and Businesses

Culinary Services Group’s mission is to provide exceptional dining services that exceed customer expectations.  As your dining partner, we will manage your operation, ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, increase customer satisfaction and satisfy budget concerns.  CSG works with hospitals and senior living communities.  In addition, we manage dining services for several corporations.  To learn more about CSG, simply click on the appropriate business line above, or schedule a FREE, no obligation assessment.

CSG currently manages properties in ten states including Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and West Virginia.

Eldercare, Hospital, and Corporate Dining Solutions:

  • Control Cost and Improve Food Quality
  • Alleviate the Burden of Recruitment, Hiring, Training and Development of Staff
  • Access New Technologies, Up-To-Date Regulations and Industry Best Practices
  • Develop a True Partnership Based on Shared Risk and Reward

More than Just a Vendor:  A True Partner in Contract Food Service Management

At CSG, we believe in creating partnerships with our customers based on integrity, trust and commitment.  Our business model allows us to equally share risk and reward, making each relationship mutually beneficial.  Our goal is to become more than just a vendor; we want to be a true business partner and an integral part of your team.


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